Eager to learn F#? Learning a new language, yet a new paradigm, can be very daunting. This course aims to give you an interactive, gentle and fun introduction to F#. Video lectures, presentation slides, code samples, quizzes and exercises (with solution) will be present throughout the course – all at your pace.

I’ll take you through topics such as introduction to Functional Programming, Function Composition, Partial Application, Testing in F#, Async Programming in F#, Algebraic Types (Records and Unions), Railway Oriented Programming (ROP) and many more. Want to see the full table of contents?

Estimated course duration: 4-6 hours (video lectures, quiz, and exercises)


“Perfect introduction to F# and the world of functional programming! Almir covers most of the topics to get you started with the language and functional patterns, without it getting too complex to follow along.”

– Mikail Andreassen, IT Consultant

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– F# Software Foundation

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Greatly received by the founder himself, Don Syme

– Don Syme

Course Author

Almir Mesic


My name is Almir Mesic and I am a backend F# & C# developer. I have 10 plus years of experience across multiple industries. I’ve worked with C# the majority of my career until 2019 when I first discovered F#. I watched endless talks by Scott Wlaschin and read his blog F# for Fun and Profit – suddenly my love for programming was rekindled.

Fast forward to 2022, I’ve held numerous introductory courses in F#. I’ve presented at NDC about F#. I’ve proof read an introduction to F# book.The next natural step was to go beyond physical limitation and reach – F# Bite-sized was born. Maybe now is the time to become a poly paradigm programmer? Sign up for my course.